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Nanotool™ Va

Standard Part

Front: primary cantilever, dimension: 400L x 100W x 25T (µms).
Resonance 140 -180 kHz, Spring Constant 1.02 E03 N/m
Back : a pair of secondary cantilevers, 200L x 50W x 250T (µms).

Tip Mounting Angle: 12 degree- cantilever mount compensation to make Tip normal to scan surface (3 degrees or custom available on special request)
Tip Included Angle: 12-13 degrees (60 degree or custom on special request)
Tip Sharpness: 9-15 nanometers
Tip Material: Single Crystal Diamond (conductive diamond on special request)


Custom Parts
Primary Cantilever Special Request :

Thickness Range for Order: 5-10 +/- 1 µm, up to 50 +/- 3 µms
Spring Constant Range: 12.7-3850 N/m
Resonance Frequency Range: 20-305 kHz

Secondary Cantilever  Special Request (200 µms L): 

Thickness Range for Order: 150-450 +/- 10 µms               
Spring Constant Range: 8.7E05  2.35E07 N/m 

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