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Industry: Software & Programming

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Vic Kley
Dated May 18, 2005
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General Nanotechnology (GN) develops hardware and software that provides advanced solutions in imaging, nano-manipulation, nano-fabrication, nano-spectro-photometry, and diamond and other nanotools, tips and parts. Based in Berkeley, California, GN is a California Limited Liability Company (LLC). GN’s website is

* GN's first spinout, RAVE LLC (, is a Florida-based licensee of GN's ground-breaking inventions in SPM nano-machining and control software. RAVE is a leader in semiconductor Mask Repair.

* GN has developed advanced software for mixed Confocal/AFM/SEM imaging systems.

* GN's software is used by major manufacturers of Atomic Force and Confocal Microscopy, and in wafer profiling equipment used by the semi-conductor industry.

General Nanotechnology’s latest developments include a microscope using electrons built into a complex structure the thickness of a human hair. This proprietary technology makes it possible to view living cells and semiconductors from a large viewing field of 13mm to a single atom. A family of devices based on this technology is one of the core products of our newest spinout, DiaMems Inc, located in Berkeley, CA